Boys-to-Manhood Celebration

ArcelorMittal Science Centre hosted a “Boys-to-Manhood” event aimed at encouraging and mentoring young boys to become exceptional men.

The focus was on different issues that affect these young boys and their families on a daily basis. There were different speakers on the day that are exceptional performers in their fields to discuss their life journeys, how they overcame certain challenges and acting as positive role models to the young boys.

The following topics were discussed in detail:

– Crime/ School violence

– Health (Depression)

– Drug & alcohol abuse

– Negative stereotyping

– Family structure

– Socio economic status

– Role modeling

– Effects of the environment

– General motivation

– Entrepreneurship

A huge thank you to The Department of Education and Residesia High School for allowing the young grade 8/9 boys to be a part of the life-changing celebration. Gratitude to all the amazing speakers for motivating and empowering the young men. Lastly, thank you to the ArcelorMittal Science Centre staff for making sure that the event was successful.

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