As the ArcelorMittal Science Centre in Sebokeng, our mission is to expose learners to the field of science and to encourage them to choose Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as subjects.

ArcelorMittal Science Centre’s continues to give the necessary support to learners who have chosen STEM as subjects and their educators in making science fun, practical and educational. ArcelorMittal Science Centre aims to achieve this vision through partnership with ArcelorMittal South Africa and the Gauteng Department of Education.

We are a non-profit Centre of Excellence that seek to improve mathematics and science performance at schools, stimulate interest and curiosity in these fields and provide information, knowledge and skills training to teachers, learners, school leavers and the general public in the communities surrounding the company’s operations.

The ArcelorMittal Science Centres were established to address the country-wide shortage of skills in the engineering fields which is exacerbated by the fact that learners do not follow the science disciplines, inadequate facilities in schools and insufficient qualified teachers.

The Centres exposes students to science and technology in a fun and relaxed environment by providing them with classrooms, fully equipped science laboratories, interactive science exhibitions that enhance their thinking skills and curriculum-linked science and mathematics instruction. ArcelorMittal South Africa also involves educators by providing teacher training to enhance overall teaching ability.

ArcelorMittal South Africa sees it as vitally important to use its resources to improve the lives of all those within its reach. As a result, we will continue to boost the local and national economy, to innovate and inspire young minds and create a leading company that will ensure the survival of future generations.

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