The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is fast becoming a force behind many products and services becoming indispensable to modern life. 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) consists of a mixture of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, 3D printing, the genetic engineering, quantum computing, and other technologies that are providing an “out of this world” experience. Ever wondered how Apple’sSiri” was created, how “Facebook” recognizes one’s face and automatically tags in pictures?

This revolution is not only changing but paving the way for a transformational change in the way humans live. It is both an opportunity as well as a disadvantage because with this particular revolution, there is a guaranteed increase in efficient productivity but also a great disruption to labour markets. A few of the YES learners from the Sebokeng Science Centre attended the “My Future 4.0” summit held at the Ticket ProDome and came back immensely motivated and inspired. A particular technological force behind the 4IR industry that caught our attention was the design, manufacturing and use of Robots for both commercial and personal use. Robots have been designed in such a way that the need for them in different fields and for different uses has greatly multiplied.

There was so much to learn and an abundance of knowledge to incorporate from the summit. Different companies displayed exhibits across the entire dome, providing useful information regarding robotics, coding and AI. Ultimately, one thing businesses need to maintain is the provision of exceptional and personalized services to customers, reminding them that their interests will forever be considered.

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