New Supercomputer Will Span Continents, Outrace World’s Fastest

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New Supercomputer Will Span Continents, Outrace World's Fastest
The P3 (platform performance prototype) at the University of Cambridge, used to test the design for the Science Data Processor, a new supercomputer that will be the fastest in the world.

The fastest supercomputer in the world will soon be outpaced by a newer, swifter rival.

Scientists recently completed the engineering design for the first of two paired supercomputers called the Science Data Processor (SDP). Together, these supercomputers will manage vast quantities of data collected by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a network of radio telescopes in Perth, Australia, and Cape Town, South Africa, SKA representatives said in a statement.

An international team of researchers representing 11 countries collaborated for five years to produce the hardware, software and algorithms to drive the first of the two supercomputers, according to the statement.

When completed, the powerhouse processors — one installed in Perth and one in Cape Town — will wrangle 600 petabytes…

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