Drinking More Water Really Does Ward Off UTIs

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Drinking More Water Really Does Ward Off UTIs

Drinking an extra six glasses of water a day may reduce some women’s risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), according to a new study.

The study found that women who get frequent UTIs could cut their risk of these infections in half if they consumed six additional 8-ounce (adding up to 1.5 liters) glasses of water a day, compared with women who don’t increase their water intake.

The study was published today (Oct. 1) in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. It was previously presented in October 2017 at IDWeek in San Diego, a meeting of several organizations focused on infectious diseases.

Doctors have long assumed that increasing water intake could lower the risk of UTIs, and they often recommend that women at risk of these infections drink more water. But, until now, the recommendation had not been rigorously studied.

“There’s lots of things we recommend to women to reduce…

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