Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique

The whole entire nation is saddened by what took the world by storm. On March 14, a terrifying Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, killing up to 1000 people and leaving so many injured. Let us all extend our heart felt prayers and support to those affected. #PrayForMozambique #PrayForTheEntireWorld

Global Citizen Newsletter wrote: A powerful cyclone that made landfall on March 14 unleashed the most destructive flooding seen in Mozambique in more than 20 years, creating a humanitarian emergency that encompasses millions of people across three countries, according to the Associated Press.

Although media coverage of Cyclone Idai has increased over the past few days, aid workers worry that the news cycle will quickly move onto something new, making it hard for humanitarian groups to raise the funds needed to address the scale of the crisis.

The UN has already asked for $23 million in emergency funding, the International Red Cross is asking for $10 million, and the humanitarian organizations CARE, Save the Children, and Oxfam have called for $16.9 million — funding targets that all need sustained attention.

“To speak quite frankly, it’s impressive to see such big interest in a natural disaster happening in Africa even of this magnitude,” Mahmoud Shabeeb, humanitarian communications manager of CARE USA, told Global Citizen. “Sadly, this will likely dwindle very fast, because the world doesn’t put much interest or care in certain countries.”

Whether or not coverage of the cyclone and its aftermath remains ongoing, the suffering on the ground will continue.

“The word needs to get out,” said Greg Ramm, vice president of humanitarian response at Save the Children. “This is horrible, this is catastrophic, help is needed.”

“The world woke up to this a bit a late, it hit Friday, and it’s only now that the word is getting out,” he added. “There’s been an underestimation until today of the magnitude of the disaster, flood waters are still rising, villages are still at risk of being submerged, entire villages have essentially been melted due to the floodwater. We are seeing only the beginning of this, the faster we can get assistance at scale, the more we can avert death and harm to children and their families.”

#PrayforMozambique #Prayfortheworld

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